Connected health

In keeping with today’s market trends when it comes to convenience for our insured members and efficient products for our partners, we are happy to introduce to you a new model of care that will manage both.


Welcome to Connected Health, a service for more convenience with one touch.




What is Connected Health?


The pandemic has changed the needs of our patients as well as ours. We all need convenience irrespective of the location, which is what Connected Health addresses.

Connected Health has been designed to make Nextcare insured members’ health journey easier and more convenient.


It connects insured members to an ecosystem of medical services through phone:


  • Speak to a doctor via the My Nextcare app wherever you are with no co-pay
  • Obtain a referral to the required specialist doctor or lab tests if needed
  • Receive the prescriptions for your medication and/or labs on the MyNextcare app
  • Have your prescription medication delivered to you
  • Get a medication refill if you are suffering from a chronic condition
  • Get a sick leave certificate at the click of a button (for Dubai members only)




What does it mean for Nextcare insured members?


Upon activation of the Connected Health service, and prior to visiting any doctor, insured members will need to schedule a video consultation with the primary care physician on See A Doctor (available on  the MyNextcare mobile app) or by calling this number +971 4 517 7325. There will be no co-pay for these video consultations, so it’s completely free. The doctor will then issue a referral to the appropriate specialist, if needed.

In the event insured members forget to contact the doctor on video consultation before the visit to the hospital, they will be asked by the healthcare provider to complete the video consultation and obtain a referral before engaging in the physical consultation.

In case of a life-threatening emergency, insured members may proceed directly to the medical facility. There is no need for a video consultation.




How can Nextcare insured members download MyNextcare app?


Click here to download MyNextcare App




Is the e-referral mandatory?


An e-referral number is mandatory for visiting a doctor. However, in the hands of a qualified team that is familiar with insured members’ medical history, this is a quick and easy process while enabling the team to continue monitoring the insured member progress.


Nextcare insured members do not need a referral in the following circumstances:


  • Life threatening emergencies – the insured member may proceed to the nearest emergency department or call an ambulance
  • Children under the age of 13
  • Pregnancy follow up visits
  • Ongoing cancer treatment
  • Ophthalmology
  • Optical (if covered by insurance policy)
  • Dental (if covered by insurance policy)
  • Outside the UAE (if covered by insurance policy)
  • Insured member has a valid referral number for the specialist’s visit




FAQs on how to use the Service?


This service is not to be used for life threatening emergencies. If an insured member faces a life-threatening emergency, the member should go to the nearest emergency department or call an ambulance.

You can find answers to many FAQs about the Connected Health journey HERE




Need Support?


In case of issues connecting to a doctor via video or phone insured members can contact the below:




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