Healthcare Providers

We’re here to support healthcare providers to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality care for our insured members.

We offer our insured members the largest healthcare network for accessible and value added services. With our innovative online platforms, we provide you access to vital data that ensures smooth operations.

Healthcare providers
Extensive Access
Standard Processes

To best serve our 4 million insured members with around 120 insurance partners on board, we put in place standard processes. This helps providers in our network make the management of your various policies simple and easy.

Innovation and Technology

Our easy-to-use online services and portals allow healthcare providers to manage a wide variety of tasks such as online verification of member eligibility, instant claim approvals, as well as online claim submissions. Our providers’ portal facilitates the processing of drug prescriptions in line with regulatory laws and compliance with electronic claim submissions and claim settlement.

Innovation and Technology
Transparency and Visibility

Medical providers who have an agreement in place with us have complete visibility on the claim status as well as the payment status. They can also verify members’ treatment eligibility and get details on our direct settlement and claims process.


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We offer our contracted healthcare providers access to our online portal PULSE where hospitals and clinics access patients’ eligibility, pre-authorizations, verification, and claims approvals, all in a heartbeat. Medical providers who have an agreement with us, please click the login button below: