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Take control of your health with Lumi app.

Lumi App

Offers seamless experience for insured members, and combines all the necessary functionalities in a friendly interface.
  • Insurance Card

    Access Your Digital Insurance Card

    Once you register on the app, you can easily access your health insurance digital card whenever you sign in. It will be visible on the homepage.
  • View Policy Benefits and Issue Certificate

    Registering on the app allows you to view your policy benefits and issue certificates. If you have a family, you can also access their account (if under 18) and view their benefits and issue certificates. If you need access to those over 18, you can simply request access in the app.
    Policy Benefits
  • symptom checker

    Symptom Checker

    Our symptom checker offers you an easy, convenient way to diagnose a health condition. In just a few steps, powered by artificial intelligence, you are taken through a series of questions that end with an instant preliminary diagnosis and recommended action. It’s simply personal healthcare in your own hands.
  • Telehealth

    This feature enables you to have a video consultation with a certified doctor on your mobile device for free anytime. We encourage you to use this quick and easy service if you feel unwell as it saves you a trip to the hospital. Connect with a doctor to talk about your symptoms. Depending on your case, the doctor may refer you to a specialist or prescribe medicine if needed.
    This service is available from Sunday to Friday 7am-11pm (GST) and Saturday 9am-6pm (GST).
    see a doctor
  • book an appointment

    Search for Healthcare Provider and Book an Appointment

    Lumi enables you to search for medical facilities that are covered in your insurance plan. Browse through hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and laboratories easily. Doctors also provide their availability so you can book appointments on the spot directly and eliminate the hassle of calling the clinic. Booking an appointment has never been easier. Instant confirmation when you select your slot.
  • Submit and track medical claims

    You can log into the app whenever you want to submit a medical claim for reimbursement, and select a payment method. You will also be able to view and track medical claims, view list of draft claims, search and filter your claims history.
    Track Medical Claims

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Register, check policy benefits, track claims, search healthcare providers, call a doctor, check your symptoms, save time, and connect with easy swipes and clicks.

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