Caring is not a job. Routine is not a career. Bring a passion towards others home, be among family.

In teams we trust

Because people depend on us. The ambition we all share is a place we call Nextcare.

What we do and why we do it

  • Healthcare
    A chance to succeed, excel and exceed
  • Well
    You’ll be part of a multinational company
  • Families
    Group diversity is what makes us unique
  • Global
    We’re always here for you, for others too

Why Join Nextcare

  • Succeed, excel & exceed
    Wide open windows of opportunity
    • Bright minds and brave souls with a positive attitude and restless ambitions will find in Nextcare a beaming future
    • Learn to lead and shoulder responsibility, and develop professionally, from day 1
    • Find your way onwards…upwards
  • A multinational company
    Local actions with global reach
    • Being part of the renowned Allianz Partners
    • A flagship private medical insurance operation, a 24/7 global business
    • On a mission to helping people, you’re not just a face in the crowd.
    • Scale up your career
  • Group diversity
    Cultural mix part and parcel of success recipe
    • Makes no difference who you are, or where you come from
    • As long as you make a positive difference in people’s lives, with a touch of humility and humanity in what you do
    • Join a new generation of achievers
  • For you & for others too
    All ahead, no one left behind
    • The journey of sacrifices each makes towards complete strangers would lose steam without an equal dose of care afforded to the giver, with help provided, banded together as team
    • Fly in formation…aim to lead