“Together we go on an inseparable journey of nurturing health and care.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being part of Allianz Partners, Nextcare defines corporate social responsibility as a commitment.
  • CSR

    A commitment to measure and manage our social, environmental and economic impact to enable us to contribute to society’s wider goal of sustainable development. Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important for us. While we run our business in line with the expectations of diverse global stakeholders, we also see corporate responsibility as a discipline that helps us manage risks and maximize on the opportunities available to us in a changing world.
  • Allianz Partners environmental and social governance principles are strongly connected to our purpose ‘We Secure your Future’. We take pride in being a caring organization and we endeavor to help and improve people’s quality of life. This resonates strongly with our People Attributes, the behaviors by which we expect all our employees to live: Trust, Customer & Market Excellence, Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Leadership.

Our employees are providing a variety of services to our clients and customers 24/7 around the world. Our philosophy is to make people’s lives simpler and safer.
Living in a more sustainable world is important to us not only as a company, but also us as individuals.