“Together we go on an inseparable journey of nurturing health and care.”

Our Business

We’re here to help. We're specialists in the health third party administration industry, offering tailored solutions and better value to insurers in different part of the world.
  • As a leader in the industry, we have experience when it comes to offering services customized per market dynamics and client needs. Our business model is created with flexibility to provide better value to our stakeholders. These range from full TPA services, Health Reinsurance support, local set up and network management. We also provide NGOs and IGOs with end-to-end solutions, and offer our partners software as a service (SaaS).
  • To make life easier for our insured members, we’ve contracted a global network of 13,000+ quality hospitals, doctors and health practitioners regionally, and 400,000+ worldwide. We encourage you to take advantage of your policy benefits by accessing this wide range of healthcare providers that we offer you within your network whereby you will pay either nothing or a small percentage of the bill, depending on your policy. Even if you visit a medical provider outside your network, you can still do so by submitting a reimbursement claim.