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Internship Program

We Help You Build Your Future.
At Nextcare, we offer internship opportunities to students above 18 years old, where they can gain knowledge and experience from our business experts across various departments.
  • Students and graduates

    Welcome students and graduates

    Learning methods involve on-the-job training, project planning, skill set enhancement as well as access to a variety of exciting LinkedIn learning courses.

    We will rely on your skills, innovation, and insights to challenge us and help deliver projects effectively.

    Join Nextcare today and explore potential future career opportunities. Those who complete a minimum 3-month program will be awarded an Internship Completion Certificate.
  • Match the requirements

    You can apply as an intern or recent graduate in almost all our business areas ensuring:

    • you are over 18
    • you have an existing residence visa or student visa as we need to apply for a work permit before you start working with our superstar teams
    • you are eager to learn
    • you are willing to commit to a minimum of a 3-month internship
  • match your studies

    Match your studies

    Ask yourself what you want to get out of an internship, then identify your key interests and which of our programs can help you with your future career path:

    • Look at the positions below and decide which program you are interested in
    • Apply for the position by clicking the apply button at the end of the vacancy
    • Submit your CV (CV writing tips are available to you in the below section)
    • Land the interview virtually or face to face (Interview skills available as per below)
  • Update your CV

    Here are some tips on what we think should appear on your CV and how it should look:

    • Education plays a crucial role in your resume, highlight your qualifications first.
    • Identify hard and soft skills in job description include them in resume.
    • Begin with the most recent job or achievement and end with the oldest experience.
    • Highlight all the positions that you have been awarded in the previous companies.
    • Name your file with your name “Sahil_Sinha_Manager_Resume.doc” instead of “Resume.doc”.
    • Check your English grammar and sentence construction.
    • Resume shouldn’t be more than 2 pages.
    update your cv
  • interview skills

    Practice interview skills

    Job interviews can be stressful; they are in fact a two-way process. They are not designed to make you feel bad or anxious or uncomfortable. They are simply part of a process for choosing an employer and getting chosen by one. They bring you and your chosen employer together and give you the opportunity to show your worth.
  • Preparation

    • Research the company and your interviewers
    • Practice your answers to common interview questions
    • Study the job description and note required skills, qualities and experience
    • Answer questions using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result)
    • Be prepared with an example of your work
    • Plan your interview attire the night before
    • Prepare smart questions for your interviewers
    • Bring copies of your resume a notebook and pen
    Interview Preparation