“Together we go on an inseparable journey of nurturing health and care.”

Company Overview

“Together we go on an inseparable journey of nurturing health and care"
We strive for superior partners and customer relations, while optimizing value and performance for our stakeholders. Adapting to the world everlasting changes, Nextcare is digitally transformed to empower you with a range of solutions intended to work perfectly with your healthcare needs. Our expert care team is available 24 hours a day to make life simpler, easier and safer to our insured members. We support our insurance partners with innovative services to support their needs at the right place and time, and at the appropriate cost.
Christian Gregorowicz
Global Head of Health Services & Utilities and Managing Director, Nextcare
Here’s the story behind what we do and why we do it to bring you peace of mind.
Catered for care, we are here to help insured members receive medical attention, apply for and retrieve claims through a simple and safe healthcare journey. We also support insurers and healthcare providers with easy to access technology and platforms so they are in close reach with our insured members, and also make their access to health seamless.
  • Mission

    We ensure our partners and customers get all the support they need through technology in order to access the best quality healthcare service timely, wherever they are.
  • Vision

    We actively build a more complete health ecosystem, while onboarding a multi-cultural alliance of healthcare partners, able to navigate the complex healthcare system, and attend the growing needs of our expanding insured members.

Our Values

  • Responsible
    Having a stake in success
    • We are open and transparent, and uphold high ethical standards
    • We assist customers quickly when they need it most
    • We do what is right for our stakeholders, clients and customers
    • We act proactively and with integrity and professionalism
  • Connected
    Together we are stronger
    • We act as one global family
    • We bring the best of global reach and local relevance, 24/7
    • We share our expertise and knowledge
    • We value and celebrate diversity
    • We integrate technology and services for our clients’ benefit
  • Excellent
    Striving to be the best
    • We create innovative solutions to anticipate customer needs
    • We focus on maintaining the market leadership of our company
    • We focus our efforts on what matters most to our clients and customers
    • We seek opportunities for continuous improvement and are committed to high performance
    • We are ambitious in our actions yet modest in our attitudes
  • Caring
    A passion for people
    • We are people who care for people
    • We assist customers quickly when they need it most
    • We are always there to help one another
    • We listen and act respectfully
    • We invest in trusted, long term relationships, safeguarding our clients future
    • We take pride in the work that we do

Why work with us?

We are true partners in health management, offering you a relationship based on transparency and trust. This includes access to advanced e-health solutions and to the widest healthcare providers network regionally and globally.

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14 years member Allianz
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8.5M Medical claims
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