We work with insurers and healthcare providers to help you and your family, manage your healthcare needs.

We’re here to help you handle all your needs from hospital admission, to accessing a wide network of clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and labs, to a dedicated Care & Claims Center that ensures fair assessment of your medical case based on your policy coverage.

Nextcare - Lumi App

To make life easier for our members, we provide solutions that offer easy access to care. We encourage you to download our Mobile App or register through our member’s portal Lumi where you may submit a claim, find a provider, view your claims status and more.


With Lumi, you can access all the help you need to manage your health insurance, right at your fingertips.


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Our Lumi app is your go-to resource for managing your health easier by submitting and checking claims, viewing policy information, finding a healthcare provider, video calling a doctor instantly, using your digital insurance card, checking symptoms and more. Click and connect.