Awarded for workplace gender equality

Our company has proudly received a global EDGE Assess Certification. This external accreditation recognises and rewards our commitment to workplace gender equality and is a great step forward in the ambition of Allianz to be recognised as a leader in diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


The company was recognised for workplace gender equality as a global line of business, and was locally certified in multiple countries.


The detailed assessment, undertaken by a third party examines where the organization stands in terms of:


  • gender balance across the talent pipeline
  • gender pay equity
  • creating an effective framework of policies and practices which ensure equitable career flows
  • fostering an inclusive workplace culture for all genders


Furthermore, the certification at the EDGE Assess level demonstrates that we commit to an impactful action plan, which documents how it will accelerate its progress in terms of gender balance across the business, working to close gaps identified by the EDGE Assessment.


The Global HR team is continuing its efforts on gender balance – for example by utilizing pay analytics tools, systematically supporting gender diversity in recruiting processes and promoting diversity and inclusion through networks and events. We will continue to strengthen these efforts and will roll out more detailed action plans to ensure that we are delivering on, and recognised for, gender equality, diversity and inclusion within our company.



What is the EDGE standard?


The EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) standard is the world’s leading assessment method in the field of gender equality. Some 200 large organizations from 44 countries on five continents, representing 29 different industries and employing more than 2.4 million people worldwide, have become EDGE certified.


To receive an EDGE standard certification, companies are assessed by both internal teams at EDGE and also external auditors to verify information and ensure a high level of objectivity. For more information about EDGE certification, click on this  link