We are pleased to provide you answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.
  • How can I update my personal details that you hold on record for me?

    Now you can update your personal information such as home or business address, email address or telephone number via the Lumi app. Simply log in and click on your profile icon located on the top right corner of the home screen, then proceed to change your details under Account Settings section.

    It is important to keep your details updated to help us stay in touch with you when needed.

  • What is a “Digital Insurance Card”?

    Digital Insurance Card is an electronic version of your insurance card, accessible via the Lumi app.

    You can view and download it from the Lumi app, by visiting the “Coverage” section.

  • Can I access the Digital Insurance Card of my family member?

    You can access the Digital Insurance Card of your family members by visiting the “Coverage” section in the app.

  • What is an “insurance certificate”?

    An insurance certificate is a document that provides information about a specific insurance coverage, such as verification of the insurance, information on the type and the limitations of the coverage, details of your insurance company, your policy number, your insured member name and the insurance policy effective periods.

  • How can I issue an insurance certificate from the Lumi app?

    The insurance certificate can be downloaded from the Lumi App. Simply click on “Coverage tab on the home screen, then visit the “Documents” section to download the needed certificate. If you are unable to download it from the app, please contact your insurance company.

  • Can I issue an insurance certificate for my family members?

    For family members who are below the age of 18, you can issue an insurance certificate on their behalf, by default.

    As for the members who are above the age of 18, they have to register and create their own account on the app.

  • What can I action on a family member’s account on the Lumi app?

    You can action the following (applicable only for family members under the age of 18):


    • Access his/her Digital Insurance Card

    • View his/her medical claims history

    • Submit reimbursement claims on his/her behalf

    • View his/her policy benefits

    • Issue insurance certificates on his/her behalf

  • Can I access all my policies from the same account on the Lumi app?

    Yes. Open the side bar menu (by clicking on your profile icon from the top right of the app), then click on the button that if below your email address (in the side bar menu). Then you will be able to view the detected policies linked to your account. If you are not able to view all of your policies , please contact us by submitting an inquiry.

  • How can I add family members / newborn under my policy?

    If you have an individual policy, please contact your insurance company and provide them with the required details. The coverage will be subsequently added after receiving instructions from your insurance company.

    If you are covered under a group scheme plan, please contact your group administration or Human Resources with details and the coverage will be subsequently added after receiving instructions from your insurance company.