Improving men’s mental health

Improving Men's Mental Health

Supporting men’s mental health

Many men recently have become better at taking control of their physical health, being more heart healthy and getting preventive screenings as they get older. However, when it comes to their mental health they still feel that all is under control and therefore never seek assistance.  They also prefer to remain quiet when facing critical diseases such as prostate cancer.

Everyone’s mental health varies during their lifetime, and can swing from positive at one end to severe symptoms at another, impacting their everyday life. What we would like to share here is how men can help and support themselves and other fellow men.


Moves to improve your overall mental health and support other men

Here are some quick moves you should do to help improve your overall mental health and emotional wellbeing as well as raising awareness.

  • Move for Movember: Run or walk over the month of November. It will be for good causes, the 1st one is kicking out any bad thoughts or energy you had inside you head and the 2nd one is to remind other men that life is worth it and no sickness or mental issues must stop them from moving forward. 
  • Follow social media accounts that you can relate to: Search for social media pages that can put you in a positive mood. It could be memes, animal pictures/videos, or quotes that intend to provide daily inspiration, motivation and the tools to live a happier life. Circulate it to people you care for and help spread the good vibes.
  • Switch off – with a book, film, video game etc.: Whether it’s cycling, woodworking or playing backgammon, filling your time with meaningful activities other than work will keep your brain at its best.


Effectively managing your mental health can give you significant improvements in your quality of life, increase your capacity to support your family and your mates, and let you perform at your best.

If you think you need professional help, Nextcare’s digital health services such as Symptom Checker, See A Doctor and Appointment Booking, have been created to make it convenient for you to diagnose your case. Nextcare members can download and register in this link.