Mindful eating during the holidays

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Are you a mindful eater?

The holiday season can be a difficult time to control what you eat. It is the time of year that is full of temptation. With the added stress of holiday shopping, out-of-town visitors, and multiple social gatherings, you will end up eating without thinking, without being truly aware of what and how much food you really need.


Mindfulness, which is paying attention to what’s happening while it’s happening, can help. Likewise, “mindful eating” encourages us to gain awareness of our eating experiences. Here are four mindful eating tips for the holidays that could help you enjoy your food, without going too far!


  • Let your body catch up with your brain
    Slowing down is one of the best ways you can get your mind and body to communicate what you really need when it comes to nutrition. It takes the brain about 20 minutes to know that you’ve had enough food. Pausing in between bites can facilitate a healthy habit of eating slowly.
  • Chew well
    Proper chewing not only makes it easier to swallow food, but also makes food more tasty and helps with digestion and absorption. Chewing thoroughly and eating slowly prevents overeating, which leads to the prevention of obesity.
  • Sit down and unplug
    Avoid watching TV and talking on the phone or texting while you eat. You need to stop working and step away from the computer. Set everything aside and take a break to enjoy and savor your food because the only thing you need to focus on is your meal.
  • Eat only when you’re hungry
    Eating only when you’re hungry serves as a reminder that your body needs energy and that you should eat for good health. Avoid emotional eating and mindless snacking in order to avoid excessive weight gain.

Eating mindfully is a natural and pleasurable experience that supports good health. Doing the opposite causes serious health risks such as heart disease, high cholesterol, shortness of breath, diabetes, and even depression.

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