Health Coaching & Performance Psychology

Health Coaching

Living and working to our full potential requires us to take a step back and think about the bigger picture. What are we capable of achieving? What do we want to be able to do? How can we get there? Health Coaching as well as Performance Psychology specialises in a range of services that help you to be the best version of yourself. They can help you push beyond your ‘limits’ and discover your true potential.

Health coaching is the use of evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage patients in health behavior change.

A health coach is a supportive mentor who helps clients reach their wellness goals and feel their best through personalized, one-on-one encouragement around finding the foods and lifestyle practices that work best for them. A key technique utilized by health coaches is motivational interviewing, in which a coach asks open-ended questions intended to help their client elicit his or her own reasons for change.

As for Performance Psychology, it is a subdivision of psychology that examines psychological factors influencing optimal human performance. It is commonly employed within sport to facilitate skill development and training, yet its implications and applications are by no means limited to this one area of performance. Athletes, doctors, and managers are just a few of the types of clients that performance psychologists often help.

Some of the common psychological skills that can help individuals to improve their performance are:

  • Addressing and Managing Stress: breathing exercises and relaxation methods that help manage stress
  • Increasing Focus: imagery, visualization and mental practice techniques are beneficial to those who need a stronger focus
  • Goal-setting: techniques include developing skills, setting target achievement dates and developing strategies to meet goals.

Professional people are indeed the ones we need to seek when we face major issues related to our health lifestyle, or anxiety and disbelief in ourselves. However, we must always remember that we can at least try to improve our outcomes by introducing some positivity and a realistic plan into our daily life.