Why digital health is so important

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There is some evidence to show that the use of digital medicine can help identify new illnesses or the worsening of existing ones.

By enabling doctors to intervene at an early stage of a disease, digital health tools can help shorten the length of a disease, or help ease symptoms before they really take hold. Digital health can also help improve quality of life and reduce the total cost of a person’s healthcare throughout their life. It’s all about applying digital transformation to the healthcare sector.

One great example of digital health is digital devices like the smartphone. It not only helps with communication, but also has a huge number of apps that can help monitor blood pressure, record blood sugars, ensure compliance with medications, and track the amount of physical activity.

In the process of digitalization and to ease access to medical services, Nextcare has added all features you might need in its MYNEXTCARE APP in order to get the best from digital health, such as:

  • Symptom checker: Its primary objective is to help you reduce unnecessary visits to the doctors as well as to identify emergency conditions early on.
  • Teleconsultation: The fastest, easiest way to see a doctor. Video consultation allows highly qualified doctors to quickly and conveniently examine your symptoms, provide diagnoses, make treatment recommendations and advise on required medications.
  • Appointment booking: Customers value the convenience this service brings, removing the burden of multiple calls to get the right doctor appointment.