Trying to build muscle?

Build muscles

Trying to build muscle? Check out these diet tips.

One of the main goals that women aim to reach when exercising is to achieve a fit, curved, healthy body. Not only does muscle make you look and feel stronger, it reduces the risk of many chronic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Unfortunately, learning how to apply the best nutrition strategy for lean muscle mass gain can be tricky.


Muscle is a highly active metabolic tissue that requires substantial nutrients for repair and growth, especially after progressively difficult workouts. To build muscle, your body needs nutrients and calories. Without adequate carbs and fats, the body is unable to function at optimal levels.


While it takes hard work, changing your mindset and lifestyle can provide lifelong benefits. And here are a few tips:


  • Eat Carbs and Fats: Healthy carbs, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, play an important role in muscle building. They are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue and provide energy during your weight training session and post-workout.

  • Focus on muscle growth, not fat loss: Make a mental shift from focusing on foods for fat loss to eating for muscle gain. Try various challenging weightlifting classes or solo lifting to build muscle.

  • Stop being hard on yourself: It's not uncommon to go through guilt cycles when it comes to food. Remember, one unhealthy meal won’t make you gain weight just as one healthy meal won’t make you thin.


A review of your current food intake and more mindfulness around your eating habits will unlock your muscle development potential.