Nextcare supports the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and Pharmatrade in distributing 1 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine

Vaccination Lebanon NEXtCARE

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important in this ever-changing world. That is why when NEXtCARE had the opportunity to support an initiative that could improve the livelihood of people in Lebanon, it didn’t hesitate.

Being a caring organization, Nextcare is proud to support and facilitate the national COVID-19 vaccination initiative in Lebanon related to the Sputnik V vaccine. This commitment will significantly scale the immunization program in order to reach a large portion of companies, associations, institutions, foundations, syndicates and NGOs to help bring a quick end to the pandemic.


Though registration is only open to corporations at the moment, it could extend to individuals at a later stage.


There has never been a more pressing time than now to offer help. Lebanon is now facing an unprecedented crisis and many challenges that threaten its people’s very existence and continuity, and therefore providing 1 million Sputnik V vaccine doses should help some aspects of social and economic life return to the pre-pandemic normal.


The management of the vaccination process is outlined below:


Step 1

  • Corporations will be required to fill the application form found on Pharmatrade vaccine website
  • Pharmatrade will then contact them and advise of:
    • Eligibility/priority in accordance to MoPH guidelines
    • Payment details
  • Pharmatrade will send an email to those corporations with username and password


Step 2

Corporations will then have to:

  • Ask each employee to register under the Ministry of Public Health website here and save the CODE/PASSWORD
  • Access the registration platform on
  • Print the individual consent form and have it signed by insured members
  • Download and fill the Excel sheet for registration data required
  • Upload the consolidated data on the Excel sheet


Step 3

Insured registered members will receive:

  • An SMS sent from Nextcare specifying hospital name, date, time and a unique identifying code for the 1st dose
  • An SMS sent from Nextcare specifying hospital name, date, time and a unique identifying code for the 2nd dose
  • A certificate from one of the appointed medical providers upon completion of both Sputnik V doses


Important: Corporations will not be able to upload the file in the following cases:

  1. If the number of members approved in the pre-registration is different than the number submitted
  2. If data number exceeds the quota given by Pharmatrade
  3. If any mandatory data field is missing

For further information, please contact Pharmatrade:





Nextcare is not requesting you to get vaccinated, it is your decision to avail the Vaccine at your own responsibility. Nextcare is only assisting you in getting vaccinated by enabling your registration on the registration platform dedicated to provide you with logistical information about the Vaccine, helping you figure out the location of vaccination centres and to make appointment.