Media Release – Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker

Nextcare expands the market reach of its Symptom Checker


  • Developed by Infermedica, Symptom Checker is a digital tool that uses AI algorithms to analyze the user’s medical symptoms and suggests the most probable diagnosis and route of care
  • Nextcare insured members have access to Symptom Checker free of charge


A regional pioneer in next-generation healthcare technology, Nextcare has added a new patient-friendly service to its portfolio with the launch of the Symptom Checker tool.

Provided by Infermedica – the company that creates AI tools for preliminary medical diagnosis and triage, the symptom checker is available exclusively to Nextcare insured members via the MyNextcare app. An easy-to-use interactive tool, it walks patients through a series of short questions about their symptoms and provides advice regarding potential next steps.


According to Andrej Mekionis, Director of Marketing, Nextcare, 65-80 percent of people search for health information online, but are often given inaccurate information that doesn’t take into account individual history or health conditions.


“At Nextcare, we are committed to supporting our members both through access to the very best health practitioners as well as credible, industry-approved tools that assist them in managing their personal health journey. With artificial intelligence (AI) at its core, Symptom Checker is spearheading a new wave of ultra-reliable consumer healthcare tools,” he said.


Since its launch in 2020, Nextcare’s Symptom Checker was used 30,000 times in the last 2 years. In 29 percent of cases, the recommendation was to seek immediate attention from a medical professional and proceed to the emergency department.


Accelerated access to critical health information can help identify or prevent potential patient health complications and, in 2022, Nextcare aims to double the number of insured members seeking health advice using this life-critical tool.


In asking and providing detailed choices to a series of symptoms, such as: ‘headache worsened by tilting head forward, Fever between 37 and 38°C, rash only on cheeks and the nose’, etc., the tool analyses the patient’s selections and offers suggestions for next steps.

Nextcare insured members may be advised to schedule a doctor’s appointment through the MyNextcare app, check in for teleconsultations, or visit an urgent care department.


“Infermedica’s Symptom Checker is a powerful platform for both insured members and healthcare organizations. The ability to direct insured members to the right provider within the Nextcare healthcare network ensures that patients are able to access the most appropriate care,” remarked Andrej.


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