Pure Tone Audiometry

For Members:


Pure-tone audiometry is a test to measure the hearing ability and sensitivity. The test is conducted in a soundproof booth and you have to wear special headphones. Different pitches of sound will be played and you will be asked to describe what you can hear. In this test, a Pure Tone Thresholds (PTTs) is checked to indicate the softest sound audible to a person, at-least 50% of the time.

Hearing loss can be Temporary or Permanent and be one sided or both sides (Unilateral and Bilateral).

  • Types of Hearing Loss:
    • Conductive hearing loss (CHL) is a situation where the sound cannot be transferred from outer ear to the inner ear due to a blockage. The inner ear is working properly but there is blockage in the transmission.
    • Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is a situation where the inner ear is damaged and there is no blockage in the transmission from the outer ear. The inner ear will not function properly due to a hair cell destruction or damage of the ear nerve.
  • Reasons for Hearing Loss:
    • At birth (Congenital)
    • Acquired
      • Progressive e.g., Gradual buildup of earwax and/or ear infection
      • Sudden e.g., Damage to the inner ear or eardrum rupture due to high frequency sound.
    • Abnormal bone growths or tumors in the ear
    • Aging
    • Loud noise
    • Heredity/Genetic
    • Work related (Occupational noises or Recreational noises)
    • Side effect of a medications or illness
    • Repetitive Ear infections


Insurance Policy:

For Abu Dhabi (DOH), Dubai (DHA) and Northern Emirates Policies, the test is excluded generally with few exceptions. Please always check your policy details.

For Healthcare Providers:


CPT Description
92551 Screening test, pure tone, air only
92552 Pure tone audiometry (threshold); air only Cannot be billed in the same day, because these are already included in comprehensive audiometry.
92553 Air and bone
92555 Speech audiometry threshold;
92556 With speech recognition
92557 Comprehensive audiometry threshold evaluation and speech recognition (92553 and 92556 combined)




  • All Pure Tone Audiometry test require pre-approval from Nextcare.
  • For DOH and DHA policies, pure tone audiometry is a general exclusion.
  • Do not report 92557 if you do not complete all required components (pure tone air and bone conduction, speech reception thresholds, and speech recognition testing).  Instead, bill for the individual components of testing using 92552, 92553, 92555, and/or
  • If the member is complaining of hearing loss. Otherwise, it will be screening based on Past Medical History or related current complaints.
  • Detailed History of present condition and possible contributing factors (Congenital vs Acquired).
  • Physical and Neurologic findings. (Otoscope report, Cranial Nerve 8 tests, Weber’s, Rinne’s Test) These are included in the Consultation or Evaluation and Management.