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Join Our Network
Thank you for your interest to join NEXtCARE  Healthcare  provider network.

To be an in-network/participating  provider of clinical services with NEXtCARE you must be both credentialed and contracted. Depending on your credentials ,contractual agreements and our customers’ requirements, you may be eligible to provide services for all members, or only for certain customers, products or business segments.

How do I join NEXtCARE Healthcare Provider Network?


As a first step towards the empanelment request process ,Complete the forms with necessary annexures  listed below and submit an application online for network inclusion screening process :
  1. Provider Profile – Fill up the complete form
  2. Doctors’ List/Professional List with the license – Fill up the excel sheet and send the scanned license of the doctor
  3. Know Your Customer( KYC) Form – Print, fill up, sign and stamp
  4. DHA facility license and trade license
  5. Bank Account Details Form - Print, fill up, sign and stamp
  6. Self-Assessment Questionnaire - Print, fill up, sign and stamp
  7. Valid Copy of the ID/Passport of the authorized signatory
  8. Ownership Record Document showing the ownership of the Company
  9. Provider Inclusion Evaluation form  - Print, fill up, sign and stamp


NEXtCARE evaluates and completes the credentialing process of the Healthcare providers’ empanelment requests based on NEXtCARE compliance standards:
  1. VISP: Vendor integrity screening process
  2. Health Care Provider Profile and Licensure, Certification and/or registration to practice in a health care field
  3. NEXtCARE Health care Provider evaluation criteria
  4. Specialty practice areas, facility privileges
  5. Member need and access, subject to applicable state laws
  6. Additionally, we assess whether each provider meets certain criteria relating to professional competence and conduct.
  7. Pricing models


NEXtCARE shall review and validate the submitted information/documents from each provider's request for participation against the business requirements to service our members in a specific geographic area and notify upon the completion of credentialing process.

You may also receive a notification if any required information is missing from your application.


You will receive a countersigned contract with an effective date of the contract determined solely by NEXtCARE.

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