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    24/7 Call Center
    24/7 Call Center NEXtCARE Provides our partner a central point of contact for any requirements ranging from medical referral to benefit clarifications.
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    Impartial Claims Decisions
    NEXtCARE ensures that members are given balanced and fair decisions related to their claims coverage and payment. Decisions are based on eligibility and the terms & Conditions of the policy on Direct billing or Reimbursement basis.
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    Claim Processing
    NEXtCARE specializes in the detailed capture of medical services that are rendered and invoiced by participating providers for beneficiaries covered under terms and conditions guaranteed by the payers.
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    With our claims Center staffed 100% by medical doctors, NEXtCARE knows the importance of safeguarding patient confidentiality and medical information.
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    NEXtCARE applies pre-certification & comprehensive management for each in-patient & emergency admission as well as selected outpatient procedures and services.
Group Health Insurance Management Services
Individual or Family Health Insurance
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+971 4 2708800
+971 4 2708329
What are the required documents to submit a Reimbursement Claim?
We encourage you to submit a Reimbursement Claim online either through the NEXtCARE website www.nextcareheal...
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NEXtCARE always surprises us by being 1st in introducing new features to make the client happy and satisfied in terms of quality and time. I am always happy and impressed with the friendly a...
Maya Matar - HR Manager - Employee Relations - Amana Contracting
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