Reinsurance Support
Over the course of the many years that NEXtCARE has been operating it has developed strong partnership and cooperation with various respectable reinsurers who recognize NEXtCARE’s capacity and ability in optimizing claims cost management which in turn makes it easier for payers to obtain reinsurance cover from those partners at competitive rates.

Underwriting Guidelines
NEXtCARE on the underwriting can offer support in establishing underwriting guidelines and standards for insurers to follow such as:
  • Define risk units
  • Set parameters for coverage eligibility
  • Establish corresponding Premium Tables

Benefit Design
Based on historical data and performance NEXtCARE can support on designing benefits appropriately from coverage, limits and burning cost perspective ensuring payers interests are safeguarded when offering benefits.

Network Design
Based on the product being sold, NEXtCARE can customize the network attached to that product ranging from provider type to network size and average cost.

NEXtCARE provides support on designing member communication kits ranging from policy packaging, membership guides, card design,, launch campaigns, social media channels, newsletters, orientation sessions, trainings and more.
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