Christian Gregorowicz, CEO AWP (Allianz Worldwide Partners) MEA
April 01 2016
1) Is there a particular message you would wish to address to the participants in GAIF?

I wish all the best and express my encouragement to all participants at this 2016 GAIF. Experts from the industry will meet and discuss the most pressing topics and challenges our region is currently facing. Participants from across the region play an important role in defining the industry climate and outlining best strategies for a sustainable growth.

Being the leading Third Party Administrator across the region, NEXtCARE is committed to drive dialogue among various players in the industry, bridging the gap and developing innovative solutions in accordance with the needs and interests of our clients.

2) How do you evaluate Arab Insurance conferences?

Arab Insurance conferences are important gathering for players and opinion leaders of the industry. Participants get together to discuss effective, responsible and collective actions, which will help to overcome industry challenges.
Networking is a key element that paves the way to searching and spinning as well as best practice sharing. It can only create more room to challenge status quo and to identify new ways in order to achieve better results with innovative solutions.

3) Are you satisfied with the growth recorded by the Arab Insurance Markets? Is it possible in your opinion that these markets could achieve better results and how?

Arab markets are still mostly emerging economies and the double digit growth seen in many of those markets are in line with expectations although 2015 have been a challenging year on many facets and 2016 is not going to be any easier.
We believe that discussions and collaborative actions between respective stakeholders across the region are necessary to address the challenges and strive for more sustainable and profitable growth. We witnessed some volatile results in few markets. There is a need for healthier competition, with strong focus on underwriting and balanced investment.

4) What can you tell participants about the progress made by your company in the recent years?

NEXtCARE is the leading third party health administrators in the region, with a large base of more than 3 million members. We owe our success to our outstanding services and products, unparalleled technologies, and most importantly our customer service focused approach.
In recent years we have seen an increasing demand for private health insurance, with compulsory insurance in few markets. In response to this growing need, NEXtCARE upheld its reputation and was able to capture a large market share, while engaging with all stakeholders to ensure a sustainable growth.
With over 1 billion USD in premium under management, 5+ million medical claims processed each year, 3+ million insured members served, access to a network of more than 11,000 healthcare providers across the region, a client base of over 90 insurers, it is easy to see why NEXtCARE takes the lead in the healthcare industry in the MEA region. Our main focus is to provide our members with professional, fast and efficient service in the times of need. Helping people is what we do every day and we do it with the greatest pride.
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