NEXtCARE announces substantial Growth
April 28 2013
NEXtCARE announces substantial Growth

Christian Gregorowicz enjoys over 18 years of experience in Third Party Administration, IT and Financial Services industries across Europe and the Middle East.  His educational and professional background includes Project Management, Business Analysis, General Management, as well as Teaching and Consultancy. In 2002, Christian joined NEXtCARE in Lebanon as Assistant General Manager where he worked on building the company portfolio. In 2004, he was appointed General Manager heading the UAE operations and within the same year his role was extended to include the region.
In 2007, Christian was appointed CEO for NEXtCARE with the mandate of capitalizing on the strategic growth of the company. In a short time, he was able to expand NEXtCARE presence into all the GCC and MENA region. In 2011, Christian further expanded NEXtCARE reach into the global arena when it became a member of Allianz Global Assistance.

Gregorowicz said that last year’s results exceeded their expectations by 20 percent, adding that NEXtCARE has achieved its desired growth. “We currently manage around $650 million worth of premiums and we have a combined ratio of 95%.” He said the company plans to continue growing organically in the countries where they already have a presence and where they are trying to work closely with insurance industry partners to help them grow their business: “We will also continue our expansion in the region and are now looking further towards North Africa.”
NEXtCARE, the leading Third Party Administrator for the insurance industry in the GCC and MENA was established in Lebanon in 1999. As Dubai was the larger market, the company moved its head office there in 2001. “The market in the Gulf was developing very quickly so we shifted our head office to this part of the world to respond to the growing needs of the market,” he said.

NEXtCARE is currently a reputable player in the Lebanese market, Gregorowicz said. He further added that NEXtCARE has 4 regional hubs: UAE, KSA, Lebanon and Egypt as well as offices in Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Morocco that manage over 4 million medical claims.
He said the company works with conventional and Takaful operators managing both policies for conventional and certificate for Takaful.
Gregorowicz said that the TPA business is an important component of the health insurance industry in the region, offering a vital service to their insurance partner: “We’ve positioned ourselves as strategic partners for the insurance companies as we specialize in providing complete health insurance management and administration services to healthcare payers including self-insured employers.”

NEXtCARE prides itself on its ability to administer custom-designed healthcare management plans in response to the clients’ unique requirements, providing them with a competitive advantage while supporting the ever-changing legislative landscape of the private health insurance market. The company is able to mix and match various services with the aim of providing the innovative “Plug & Play” concept which would efficiently complement existing products.
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