Al Moraqeb Interview Christian Gregorowicz
August 27 2014
What is your interpretation to the development of the insurance sector in the Arab world now, especially in light of the current political and economic developments?
Despite the region’s political situation, overcapacity and skills shortage there are some bright spots. These include infrastructure spending, favourable demographics, significant opportunities for health and motor, and most importantly positive regulatory changes across MENA markets. The emergence of a more specialized and internationally focused reinsurance wholesale market is adding real tangible value to domestic markets, carriers and most importantly to their clients.

We expect the insurance industry to benefit from additional opportunities in the retrocession markets and possibly the capital markets in the future.

Do insurance conferences, meetings and seminars play a role in supporting the industry? Do you encourage them? Which type do you participate in?
Of course; regular meetings of the region’s representatives is crucial for the growth and development of the insurance industry, as well as for knowledge-sharing and the development of best practices. We highly encourage them, and participate in as many high-profile events as possible.

How do you see the role of the General Arab Insurance Federation in supporting the Arab insurance industry?
GAIF ensures best practices are followed throughout the industry, through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Such industry forums are key for the evolution of the insurance industry as a whole – it helps table the pressing needs of the industry and fosters dialogue and cooperation.

What is the role your company plays in the insurance world?
NEXtCARE is one of the GCC and MENA region’s leading Third Party Administrator for the insurance industry, currently ranked first in the MENA region with a market share of 22 per cent. We specialise in providing complete health insurance management and administration services, providing clients with unrivalled customer service and maximum cost optimisation through tailored services – including an innovative ‘Plug and Play Concept’.
NEXtCARE prides itself on its ability to administer custom-designed healthcare plans in response to the clients’ unique requirements, providing them with a competitive advantage while supporting the ever-changing legislative landscape of the private health insurance market.
We maintain a continued focus on our customers and their changing needs, by listening and conducting ongoing reviews of our customer service approach.
This includes an array of web enabled solutions such as  Dataset Management, Policy and Endorsement Management, Claims Adjudication Management to name a few.  We also offer a wider spectrum of Risk Management, where all our operations modules are highly customer focused.
We have a 24/7 multilingual Customer Support Centre and several SMS notification systems accommodating our client needs. The claims payment can be done in a paperless manner these days within our 48 hour payment Turn-Around-Time, thanks to our Electronic Fund Transfer system. Our clients today range from private to governmental institutions, some of whom have been with us since we started our activities.
We want to keep on growing at the same pace and keep on improving steadily.
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