Mr. Christian Gregorowicz, Chief Executive Officer, NEXtCARE
July 27 2014
1. Is there a particular message you would wish to address to the participants in both events? ( and )
The pressing need at this point in time is to discuss and collaborate regarding the country-specific regulatory factors that impact on the sector, such as the compulsory health insurance regimes in markets like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. These make medical insurance the fastest growing, but also affect the profitable lines of business as a result of the limited scope of risk selection. The need of the hour at this point is to meet halfway and look at a collaborative approach to address the requirements of the industry and to serve the community better.    

2. GCC council resolved recently to form a new Gulf Reinsurance Company. Is there need in your view for a new gulf reinsurer? And would you find such a venture viable?
The reinsurance market in the Middle East is currently underserved. The decision by the GCC council to form a new Gulf Reinsurance Company is a positive step and is welcomed. This decision is critical, as it will open up the market and make the Middle East a hub for reinsurance for other evolved and competitive markets such as Singapore, London and New York.

3. How do you evaluate GAIF and MONTE CARLO respective performance in the last 50 years?
Networking plays a key role in the health insurance industry allowing further collaboration and sharing best practices so we can challenge further the way things are, identify innovative solutions and grow as an industry.
GAIF and MONTE CARLO have been very successfully active over the past years, providing great networking platforms and empowering and engaging key players and thought leaders in the health insurance industry.
NEXtCARE has been a pioneer in sponsoring these events as we do believe and encourage in having open ongoing dialogue with our partners - payers, providers, beneficiaries and brokers.  The industry is in need of exchanging knowledge and expertise in order to respond positively to change.
NEXtCARE have been selected as the Gold Sponsor for the past 4 years for the Annual Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference, and is participating every year in different events and seminars such INSUREX, GAIF, Takaful Conferences…

What can you tell participants about the progress made by your company in the recent years?
Since 1999, NEXtCARE has grown to become one of the GCC and MENA region’s leading Third Party Administrators for the insurance industry, currently ranked first in the MENA region with a market share of 22 per cent. We are the largest regional network with credentialed and contracted provider facilities in various countries, with more than 2 million insured members, upwards of US$650m claims under manager annually, and more than 4 million medical claims processed every year.
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