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NEXtCARE Innovations Power SAADA
June 02 2015
NEXtCARE has delivered cost optimized innovations to the Dubai Health Authority to power the government body's 'Saada' insurance program. Through the technology implemented by NEXtCARE, more than 3,500 Saada enrolments are facilitated every day.
'Saada' targets approximately 130,000 UAE nationals living in Dubai and are not currently benefiting from any type of insurance plans. The recently launched program grants them access to a wide range of private medical providers through a government funded health insurance program.
NEXtCARE technology creates a seamless registration process that does away with insurance cards by utilizing applicants' Emirates IDs. Dubai Nationals with a valid Emirates ID can download a mobile app or go through the 'Saada' website to book a registration appointment.
The enrolment process is straightforward, with the Emirates ID details and a copy of the family book being sufficient to enroll into the scheme. 20,000 people are expected to register per week at any of the 4 appointed DHA healthcare centre and a mobile unit that cater to elderlies and differently abled people.
NEXtCARE - member of Allianz Worldwide Partners - offers 'Saada' beneficiaries access to a large network of healthcare providers now part of the Saada network. Beneficiaries only need their Emirates ID, to avail services, when they walk into a healthcare provider.
At the heart of the system is NEXtCARE's provider portal "PULSE" that allows providers to instantly check beneficiaries' eligibility, obtain e-authorizations, submit claims electronically and access claims history. Providers can also tailor their proprietary systems to connect to PULSE.
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